I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Biology Department at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I joined the Cordes Lab in the Fall of 2015 after receiving an M.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from San Francisco State University (SFSU). Prior to my time in San Francisco I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Oceanography at Florida Institute of Technology in 2012.


Since a young age I have been completely enamored with the ocean and I have developed a broad interest in marine biology and oceanography. However, a very influential invertebrate zoology course revealed my love for the spineless and led to my pursuit of a graduate degree studying octocorals. Octocorals are an intriguing group of organisms with ocean-wide distribution and at depths ranging from  0-6,000 m. Many of these communities, as well as other areas of the ocean, have never been seen by the human eye. The idea of exploration, adventure, and discovery along the sea floor has led me to pursue a PhD concentrating on deep-sea coral communities.

Alongside research I am very interested and devoted to informal and formal education. My ultimate goal as a marine scientist is to convey to the public the importance of exploring, studying, and conserving our oceans, and instill this desire in the next generation. As research scientists we are on the forefront of new knowledge and it is important to make our research relevant and accessible to the public so that more informed decisions are made about the future of our oceans and our planet.

I want to continue the legacy of female marine science advocates through research, education and outreach. Particularlly, I would like to focus on the mentorship and inclusion of girls and women in STEM fields. In my years as a student and researcher I have yet to have a female primary mentor and am dedicated to filling that role for future generations of women scientists.

When I am not doing awesome science you will likely find me hanging out with my dog, drinking coffee, or planning my next adventure.